Living In The Present Moment

Having Goals, Finding Peace

Being fully present in the moment doesn’t mean we can’t have goals or strive to get somewhere in our lives. Ideally we want to be fully in the present moment, because the present moment is the only place that we can actually do anything – the only place where we can live. If we can’t find peace in the present moment, then we really can’t live anywhere comfortably or peacefully.

Becoming More Efficient

We come to the present moment not to get rid of our goals or strivings, but instead to work or act from a place of contentment, accepting that right now this is the current situation. If we are fully in the present moment, we can take the necessary actions to get to our goal, rather than getting lost in the hopes and fears of some future time. We become more efficient because we are fully engaged with where we are.

Your Life is Meditation
Mark Van Buren

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