How Can We Create Our Future?

Live Each Day With Passion

  • The Past Doesn’t Have A Future, But You Do.
  • Believe In Yourself And In Your Dreams.
  • Make The Most Of Every Day.
  • Action Will Turn Your Dreams Into Success.
  • Look At Life Through The Windshield, Not The Rear-view Mirror.
  • When You Stop Giving, You Stop Living.
  • Live Each Day With Passion, And You’ll Never Have Regrets.

The Past Doesn't Have A Future, But You Do
The Past Doesn’t Have a Future, But You Do: Achieving the Future That’s in Your Hands
Byrd Baggett

How Can We Make A Change In Life?

Making a Change


To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.

…..Eric Hoffer

Getting Started

We can’t know that we want to make a change until we first know we have a problem. Even when we’ve identified a problem, we need to know where we’re starting from to understand the job ahead of us.

To make a change in our lives, we need to know where we are right now.

Daily Book of Positive Quotations
Daily Book of Positive Quotations

Linda Picone

Listening To Our Inner Voice

Listening To Our Inner Voice

Space to Listen

Our mental chatter is often so prominent that we don’t have the space to truly listen. We’re always receiving direction about how to move in our lives, but we’re too distracted to hear it. We cloud our thinking with drama and emotional upheaval then wonder why our lives are so out of whack.

Deep Listening

Yet all of us have the capacity to listen if we’re willing to make the space for it. When we listen, the voice may appear as thoughts with words, a whisper, an image, or a knowing “Yes” to something we may not even realize we wanted or needed.

Following Through

Listening is the first step, and being willing to act on what we hear is the second. So, listen to the deepest part of your being – the part that just knows. Then have the courage to let your life unfold according to its rightful plan.

At the Core of Every Heart
At the Core of Every Heart

Gail Brenner

What Is Self-Compassion?



At it’s heart, compassion is our ability to be present with and carry the suffering we encounter in others through a supportive bond.


Self-compassion is about facing our own difficulties and struggles with the same commitment and open-heartedness that we would bring to a person we love. Self-compassion involves awareness, understanding, and courage to be with suffering in a supportive way.

How to Be Nice to Yourself
How To Be Nice To Yourself: The Everyday Guide to Self-Compassion

Laura Silberstein-Tirch, PsyD

What Is Peace Of Heart?

Peace of Heart

Openness and Compassion

The peace of the heart isn’t emotional resignation, but an openness that meets the ever-changing world with compassion.

Caring without Controlling

With equanimity we can care for all things without trying to control them.

The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace
The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace
Jack Kornfield

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