Why Is Our Identity Important?

Totality of “Me”

Identity refers to the totality of what we recognize as “me.” It is one of the most defining aspects of our personal psychology and social orientation, and it’s studied widely by psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists.

Our Story & Experiences

  • Identity is the story that we tell ourselves and others about who and what we are.
  • Identity holds all of our important experiences — it links our past to our future and connects us to our people and ancestors, to their triumphs and struggles. Identity has many different dimensions, including personal, cultural, national, and gender.
  • Identity provides stability to our life through its set of orienting beliefs and ideas, collection of memories and stories, roles and expectations, as well as positive and negative experiences.

Compassionate Conversations
Diane Musho Hamilton, Gabriel Menegale Wilson, Kimberly Myosai Loh

What Is Wise Speech Rooted In?

Wise Speech

Ethics and Spirituality

Wise speech is both an ethical and spiritual exploration. Committing ourselves to wise speech, we learn to listen inwardly to the words beneath the words. Attentive to the feelings, intentions, and thoughts beneath our words, we learn to cultivate the compassion, integrity, and kindness that bring harmony to our relationships and to our own mind.

Compassion and Integrity

Wise speech is rooted in compassion and integrity. It protects the people we speak to and protects our own heart from guilt and remorse. In learning to listen both outwardly and inwardly before we speak, we begin to appreciate the strength and fragility of the human heart.

Buddhist Path to Simplicity
The Buddhist Path to Simplicity

Christina Feldman

What Can We Gain From Suffering?

Suffering allows us to experience compassion for the suffering of others, and reminds us of the preciousness of the life we are living.

Suffering puts us face to face with who we are and reminds us of our deepest values and what is truly important. Every difficult situation life presents us with is a chance to see who we truly are.

Your Life is Meditation
Mark Van Buren

What Makes Life Matter?

Whether you accomplish or don’t accomplish anything during your entire lifetime, your existence is what makes you matter.

This simple truth is probably the most important thing to know about ourselves: what we are creating isn’t as important as who we get to be while we are creating.

David J. Walker

You Are Enough
David J. Walker