What Is Mindfulness?

Being Aware

Mindfulness is one of the great mysteries of human life. It is our capacity to be aware of being aware.

Observing Our Mind

There is a huge change in the life of someone who begins to practice mindfulness. With just a bit of practice, we notice how out of control the mind really is. We begin to be able to observe thoughts, feelings and emotions as experiences that we are having rather than identifying with them.

Seeing Thoughts & Emotions

To see thoughts and emotions like anger, sadness, fear and worry as objective phenomena rather than as oneself is radically liberating.

Mindfulness for a Happy Life
Robert Beatty

What Steps Can We Take To Experience Happiness?


Steps to Happiness

  1. Celebrate Your Talents, Gifts, and Strengths.
  2. Choose Thoughts that Attract Happiness and Health.
  3. Love Your Body Without Condition.
  4. Practice Gratitude.
  5. Celebrate Your Spirituality.
  6. Practice Forgiving Yourself and Others.
  7. Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.
  8. Keep and Cultivate Your Sense of Humor.
  9. Acknowledge and Embrace Your Mortality.
  10. Practice Self-Responsibility.

Happier You
Ten Simple Strategies for a Happier You: Changing the World From the Inside Out

Grace Terry

Acceptance & The Restful Mind

Role of Acceptance 

Acceptance is a key part of the restful mind. When we are able to accept things that we can’t change, we no longer waste mental energy or anguish and instead focus on the things we do have some control over.

Thoughts Create Our World

By always remembering that it is with our thoughts that we create our world, we realize that we do have choices in life, even in the most difficult times.

The Restful Mind
The Restful Mind

Gyalwa Dokhampa

How Do Beliefs Co-Emerge In Contradictory Pairs?

Coexistence of Beliefs 

We can better appreciate how beliefs conflict with each other if we understand how they form in the first place. In recognizing that beliefs coexist in pairs the Chinese sages also realized that this is how beliefs initially form.

How Beliefs Co-emerge

Beliefs arise in contradictory pairs. Two opposite beliefs co-emerge and at first the two opposite beliefs coexist. Then in order to establish fixed positions and definite opinions about ourselves and the world, and to give things distinct and permanent characteristics, we push the two beliefs apart and suppress one belief from our awareness.

Disconnecting Opposite Beliefs

Everytime we assert or deny a particular belief, we simultaneously disconnect from the opposite belief. Our belief becomes solid and real for us to the extent that its opposite becomes transparent to us.

Essential Wisdom Teachings
Essential Wisdom Teachings: The Way to Inner Peace

Peter & Penny Fenner

How Can We Experience Real Freedom?


Real Freedom

We experience real freedom only when we don’t want to avoid what we actually are experiencing.

Being Present

Whenever we are genuinely present to an experience, without any need to enhance or dilute its quality or texture, we immediately enjoy a unique, expansive, and liberating way of being.

Essential Wisdom Teachings
Essential Wisdom Teachings: The Way to Inner Peace

Peter & Penny Fenner