What Is The Beauty Of Meditation?

Beauty of Meditation

Meditation can be a moment of quiet reflection as we look out the window or it can be a dedicated period of practice. The beauty of meditation is it is ours to create in a way that is most effective for each of us. It’s where we bring in peacefulness and quiet when our busy mind is overwhelmed. Sometimes, meditation is just three deep inhales and exhales, letting the breath do its magic as it calms the body.

Being Buddha-ish
Sharon Cormier

Being Buddha-ish

What Are Steps To Self-Compassion?

Steps to Self-Compassion

  • Recognize that we are suffering.
  • Drop our reactive stories.
  • Mindfully accept and observe whatever painful feelings are present.
  • Offer compassion and reassurance to the part of us that is suffering.

The Difficult Thing of Being Human

Ritual & The Inner World

We are beginning to learn that we have impoverished ourselves by giving up what our tribal ancestors had as part of their daily spiritual lives… Ritual is a means of approaching the inner world that the human race evolved early in its history… It goes back to the earliest dawn of time among our prehistoric ancestors… Modern people who are deprived of meaningful ritual feel a chronic sense of emptiness.

Robert Johnson

God Is Not Three Guys In The Sky
Jeanette Blonigen Clancy