What Are The Qualities Of Being Mindful?

Being Mindful

When we are mindful, we’re both spontaneous and well prepared because with a little more understanding of our minds we can act more intuitively:

  • We can speak up more often, while being aware of our words.
  • We can immerse ourselves in whatever we are doing, no longer anxious about the outcome because we are confident in the intention.
  • We are fully present to the moment and in our own minds and bodies, rather than constantly disappearing into the past or future of our minds.

The Restful Mind
Gyalwa Dokhampa

The Restful Mind

How Can We Make The Most Of An Opportunity?

Dedication & Preparedness

The winds of destiny blow for all of us. Whether we are able to make the most of an opportunity will depend upon long-standing dedication and preparedness.

The Art of Simple Living
Shunmyo Masuno

The Art of Simple Living

What Is Presence?

Quality of Being Here

Presence signifies the quality of consciously being here. It is the activation of a higher level of awareness that allows all our other human functions – such as thought, feeling, and action – to be known, developed, and harmonized.

How We Occupy Space

Presence is the way in which we occupy space, as well as how we flow and move. It shapes our self-image and emotional tone. It determines the degree of our alertness, openness, and warmth.

Our Energy

Presence decides whether we leak and scatter our energy or embody and direct it.

Living Presence
Kabir Helminski

Philosophical Schools In Antiquity

Schools as Social Forces

Gathered around great philosophers in antiquity were schools, and schools were about training. Training, in turn, was about putting ideas into practice. Simple dialogue formulas and creative epigrams held the contours of a great teacher’s personality, but most importantly they defined the manner in which the philosophy was a lifestyle.

In antiquity, schools were not buildings but societies. They were social forces that defined the art of presence in the world.

Embracing the Human Jesus: A Wisdom Path for Contemporary Christianity
David Galston

Embracing the Human Jesus