What Is Nirvana?

Nirvana is the calming and the extinction of the afflictions and obstacles of the knowable. Nirvana is sometimes called the truth of extinction and cessation. Extinction is the absence or calming of suffering — it is peace and freedom.

Enjoying the Ultimate
Thich Nhat Hanh

What Is Practice?


Our practice is our own selves. It’s not some thing, some formula that you can learn from a book and do it. It’s not a form of calisthenics.

Awareness & Repetition

Practice is the act of placing our awareness on what is occurring in this moment the best we can. It is the attention to this moment. It is the act of being as honest as we can in noticing what is really going on with us in the moment, noticing that we may not like what’s going on, and noticing our thoughts and impulses about what we would prefer to be going on.

Practice is experiencing what all of this is in our body, our being, and resting in that. Practice is doing this over and over, many many times, until it just wears out.

This Moment

We are the joy, love, and compassion of this moment, regardless of what it may look like on the outside.

Ordinary Wonder
Charlotte Joko Beck

What Does Open-Minded Mean?

Being Open-Minded

To be open-minded means to be constantly sensitive and always on the lookout for ways to reevaluate our values and ideas whenever we run into new facts or viewpoints.

The trait of “openness” can be thought of as being a close cousin of curiosity.

To Light the Flame of Reason
Christer Sturmark