What Are The Benefits Of Wisdom?

Antidote to Doubt

Wisdom is the antidote to doubt. It is a discriminating awareness that adds a level of decisiveness to distinguishing an object of cognition, knowing the reality of an object regardless what it is.

Leads to Peace & Tranquility

Real wisdom always leads to peace and tranquility, as it teaches us that everything is interdependent and naturally gives us insight into what is best for us and others.

Unveiling Your Sacred Truth
Khentrul Rinpoche

Change – The Story Of Life


Constant Change

No matter how much we dislike or fear an experience or impression, it is already in the process of changing into something else.

Letting Go

There is a remarkable simplicity discovered as we harmonize our life with the natural story of all life, which is change. From the moment of birth, our life has been teaching us about letting go.

Buddhist Path to Simplicity
The Buddhist Path to Simplicity

Christina Feldman