What Matters Most In Life?

Touching Moments

Intimate Moments

The things that matter most in our lives are not the fantastic or grand. They are the moments when we touch each other, when we are there in the most attentive and caring way. This simple and profound intimacy is the love that we all long for. These moments of touching and being touched can become the foundation for a path with heart, and they take place in the most immediate and direct way.

In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

…..Mother Teresa

A Path With Heart
A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life

Jack Kornfield

How Are We Connected To Each Other?


A Web of Connections

The universe is one thing. Everything and everyone is interconnected through a web of stories. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all in silent conversation.

Do no harm. Practice compassion. And do not gossip behind anyone’s back – not even a seemingly innocent remark! The words that come out of our mouths do not vanish but are perpetually stored in infinite space, and they will come back to us in due time.

One person’s pain will hurt us all. One person’s joy will make everyone smile.

…..Shams of Tabriz

The Forty Rules of Love
The Forty Rules of Love

Elif Shafak

What Can We Control In Life?

Making Choices

In life our  first job is this, to divide and distinguish things into two categories: externals I cannot control, but the choices I make with regard to them I do control. Where will I find good and bad? In me, in my choices.


The Obstacle is the Way
The Obstacle is the Way: The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage

Ryan Holiday

What Are The Roots Of Western Philosophy?


Beginning of Philosophy

Philosophy has no single beginning, but it would be naive to assume philosophical thinking erupted spontaneously in various spots around the world.

Exchange of Ideas

  • Caravans across Asia.
  • Extensive trade around the Mediterranean, up and down the Nile, and throughout the Middle East.
  • Early Hebrews were nomads.
  • India was a crossroads for many different cultures.
  • Egypt was a source of ideas that  later became the basis for Greek philosophy.

Sophisticated Cultures

In addition, there were great civilizations south of the Mediterranean, not only in Egypt, but in Nubia (now Ethiopia) and further up the Nile. These cultures had sophisticated systems systems of astronomy, advanced mathematics, complex and thoughtful views of the nature of the soul, and an obsession with the question of life after death.

Greek Philosophy

Many of the leading ideas of Greek philosophy (which arose in 6th century BC), including interests in geometry and the concept of the soul were imported imported from elsewhere. Indeed, it might be most accurate to see the great “miracle” of ancient Greece not as a remarkable beginning, but as a culmination – the climax of a long story the beginnings of which we no longer remember.

A Passion for Wisdom
A Passion for Wisdom: A Very Brief History of Philosophy

Robert Solomon and Kathleen Higgins

What Thoughts Should We Concentrate On?

Thoughts to Live By

Think on These Things

  • What you can control – not what you cannot control.
  • The positive – not on the negative.
  • What you can do not on what you cannot do.
  • What you have – not on what you do not have.
  • The present – not on the past and future.
  • What you need – not on what you want.
  • What you can give not on what you can take.

Finding Strength

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will  find strength.

…..Marcus Aurelius

7 Thoughts To Live Your Life By
7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By: A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life
I. C. Robledo