Look Around, Our World is Rich with Color – Or is It?

The Physical World Consists of Wavelengths in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Light is composed of waves of magnetism along with electrical undulations traveling at right angles to it. Neither magnetism nor electricity have inherent color or brightness. Yet, when we look around, we seem to be embedded in a world of profound color and beauty.

People assumed, until the advent of quantum mechanics a century ago, that our eyes’ lenses were like clear glass windows that let us accurately perceive what is “out there” – and this remains a common view of the general public. However, we now know that what’s “out there” is no more than invisible magnetic and electrical fields.

Our Neural Circuitry Creates Colors and Patterns

Today’s physiology provides a clear picture of what we see “in front of us”. First, light enters the quarter-inch-wide lens of each eye, where an upside-down image is focused upon the two retinas. There – at least in bright light, since dim light employs different machinery – six million cone-shaped cells, which come in three varieties, each sensitive primarily to light’s primary colors of blue, red, or green – are stimulated only when they receive the impact of a specific range of energy wavelengths. Upon stimulation, they send electrical signals to an astounding universe of neurons designed to create three-dimensional images.

Visual Reality is Created in the Back of the Head 

Most of the visual architecture lies at the back of the head, in the occipital lobe. There, over ten billion cells and one trillion synapses create the world we experience. It is there alone that visual reality occurs. This is where brightness and color are perceived.

The visual realm, with all its richness of color, along with brightness, detail, and three-dimensionality is created and perceived by us within the brain, the dark chamber locked in our skull.

Beyond Biocentrism
Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death
Robet Lanza, MD with Bob Berman

Background on Robert Lanza and Bob Bermam

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