How Can Hope And Courage Help Us?

For many involved today in movements of social transformation, hope is rooted in faith in God. Religious hope is not simply a conviction that certain objectives will occur. Among religiously sensitive people, hope in God sustains practical efforts, nurtures commitment to seek out alternative pathways and motivates continued action even in the face of delay or defeat. Through faith and hope, we are free even to fail in the world’s eyes.

Courage serves as a healing emotion. When we confront injustice or indifference, the arousal of courage heals the fear and anger that would weaken our response. Courage welcomes hope — the hope that predicts, even against present evidence, a better future. In the face of a world that does not support our deepest desires, courage engenders patience and faith that good will ultimately triumph.

Nourishing the Spirit
Nourishing the Spirit: The Healing Emotions of Wonder, Joy, Compassion and Hope
James & Evelyn Whitehead

Background on James & Evelyn Whitehead

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