How Can We Transform Painful Emotions?

Something in the American character does not like patience. A culture of ambition makes it difficult for us to hold still. Patience seems to put a damper on the spontaneity and freedom we so cherish. A consumer society’s dependence on impulse buying and the media’s accommodation to short attention spans do not foster the development of patience.

Befriending painful emotions demands patience. Patience prepares us to lead our lives wide awake, to taste our negative emotions rather than simply swallowing our pain. The disciplines of patience transform our painful emotions into positive passions for life.

Transforming Our Painful Emotions
Transforming Our Painful Emotions: Spiritual Resources in Anger, Shame, Grief, Fear, and Loneliness
Evelyn Eaton Whitehead & James D. Whitehead

The book is a psychological and spiritual exploration of the positive potential hidden in our painful emotions, showing how so-called bad feelings can be good news.

James and Evelyn Whitehead

Evelyn & James Whitehead

James and Evelyn Whitehead have been long associated with the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago, where they regularly offer academic courses and short workshops. They have coauthored a dozen books which have been translated into several languages.

James Whitehead is a historian of religion with a concentration in pastoral reflection and the links between virtue and moral emotions. Evelyn Whitehead is a developmental psychologist with a special interest in the connections between psychological growth and spiritual maturing in adult life.

The Whiteheads also provide programs at various university and other educational settings throughout the United States and internationally.


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