Can We Experience Divine Love?

Divine love has no conditions. We are invited into it not as an abstract idea or as a ritual only, but as an experience. Contemplation is the experience of God that is becoming continuous and permanent even in the details of everyday life and amid the distractions of computers and the ghastly reports of the horrors of violence throughout the world. The divine goodness and the presence of divine love are always there. As our contemplative clarity deepens, we move from the occasional experience of the Presence to a permanent state of loving interaction on a moment by moment basis.

Reflections on the Unknowable
Reflections on the Unknowable
Thomas Keating

This brief text, only 168 pages long, is a  distillation of over 70 years as a monastic and more than 30 years writing on centering prayer.


Thomas Keating
Thomas Keating
born 1923

Spirituality & Practice
Contemplative Outreach
What is Centering Prayer?

Thomas Keating was born on March 7, 1923. He is a Trappist monk and priest. Keating is one of the foremost teachers of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition. He is one of the founders of the Centering Prayer movement. The roots of Centering Prayer go back to the 4th century Desert Fathers. Keating also started Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.  He attended Deerfield Academy, Yale University, and Fordham University, graduating in December 1943.

Keating has presented the Centering Prayer method and its related mystical theology to gatherings of non-Christians, Protestants, and Roman Catholics worldwide. He has also taken this ministry to seminarians, priests, lay people, and prisoners. Keating also frequently participates in dialogues with contemplatives of other religions.

Books by Thomas Keating include:

Audio by Thomas Keating include:

Thomas Keating – Oneness & The Heart of the World


Thomas Keating – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


Thomas Keating – The Method of Centering Prayer


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