Did Christianity Sprout From A Plan?

It is a mistake to assume that the church — or the synagogue, or any ancient religious group — proceeded formally with the development of its organization, like modern political bodies which begin by calling together a “constitutional assembly” to draft a declaration of principles, a set of definitions, a series of by-laws, and a governing code. The most ancient church had no idea of legislating for posterity or of thinking out the propositions of its practice. It emerged upon the broad stage of Greco-Roman history as one more religion of a book, indeed as an offshoot or sect of “the religion of the book,” Judaism.

Ancient Judaism and The New Testament
Ancient Judaism and The New Testament
Frederick C. Grant



Frederick C. Grant
Frederick C. Grant

Frederick C. Grant was a New Testament scholar. He was professor of Biblical Theology at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City. Grant studied at Western Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois.

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