We Are Unchanging Being-Awareness

When we look to see what we are, we find that the only thing that can qualify as our essential nature is the unchanging sense of our being, which is both existent and aware. In looking at this sense of being-awareness, we see that it is already here and easily recognized. Not only is it present, but it remains present and undisturbed in the midst of all thinking, feeling and experiencing. It is not something that we get from a book or obtain as a result of practices, techniques or processes. Nor is it something that comes to us from outside, from a teacher, a divine being or any other source. We do not need an awakening or enlightenment experience to know our true nature. It is effortlessly present. In fact, there is nothing we can do to escape it.

You Were Never Born
You Were Never Born
John Wheeler



John Wheeler.
John Wheeler

John Wheeler is a student and teacher of nondualism (also called non-duality), which “points to the idea that the universe and all its multiplicity are ultimately expressions or appearances of one essential reality.”

Wheeler pursued a decades-long search, during which he visited the East, and mingled with students of Ramana Maharshi. His search ended when he met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Australia in 2003. In short order, Adamson cleared up Wheeler’s doubts and questions and pointed out to him the fact of our real nature: self-shining, ever-present awareness.

For several years, Wheeler held Q & A meetings in the California Bay area, hosted a website, and answered questions via email. However, he has discontinued his public interactions in favor of a private life.

John Wheeler has written several books, each one adopting a similar format of dialogues, questions answered, and pointers.

Books John Wheeler has written include:

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