What About Me?

Thoughts About Me

We’re conditioned to think about ourselves all the time. Thoughts about me, myself, and I dominate our mind from the moment we become conscious in the morning to the last flickers of mental activity before we fall asleep. What I want. How I feel. What I will do.

Antidote to Self-Obsession

It’s striking how the most effective and direct antidote to our self-obsession is the one that occurs to us most seldom: that is, instead of thinking about ourselves, to deliberately think about others. We don’t usually need to look far to find opportunities to practice love or compassion.

Taking a Broader View

Other beings are no different from us in wanting happiness, and most are less likely or able than us to experience it. Whatever the cause of our distress, taking a broader view usually puts our own position swiftly into perspective.

Enlightenment to Go
David Michie

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