Pleasure vs. Happiness

Pleasure is Circumstantial

Pleasure is something that we derive from an object, a place, or people. It is, by definition, circumstantial. We may get pleasure from dining in a particular restaurant or wearing elegant new clothes. But, take us to that restaurant after we’ve just eaten a large meal, or put us in our stylish attire during an argument with our significant other, and chances are we will experience no pleasure at all.

Happiness is Deep Fulfillment

If pleasure is circumstantial enjoyment, happiness refers to a deeper sense of fulfillment not dependent on circumstances, which is usually accompanied by qualities such as peacefulness, purposefulness, and benevolence. Unlike pleasure, which requires situations to be constantly renewed or upgraded, happiness is a state of mind that deepens the more we experience it.

Enlightenment to Go
David Michie

One thought on “Pleasure vs. Happiness

  1. Pleasure, pleasure seeking, is something emerging from force-of-habit. It’s kind of “grabby” and many times comes from anxiety. Pleasure from eating a good meal keeps human beings ALIVE more than the actual food we eat. Happiness is a whole other realm…

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