What Is The Path To Real Freedom?

Path to Perfection

We can spend the rest of our days attempting to become some imagined, perfect person. But, we’ll never reach the place of perfection. The path to perfection will only lead to exhaustion and disappointment — meanwhile, our actual life will be passing us by.

Peaceful, Practical Approach

The more peaceful and practical approach is simply to be ourself every moment, accept that being human is a messy ordeal, and learn to be okay with the presence of difficult situations. There’s no actual happiness to be found in always trying to be someone else at a future time, because we’ll never quite get there.

Deep Acceptance

So why not show up fully, right here, right now? We can allow ourself to let go of the idea that who we are already isn’t enough, and realize this deep acceptance is the path to real freedom.

A Fool’s Guide to Actual Happiness
Mark Van Buren

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