How Can We Live Freely?


Elements of Freedom

In our hearts we know that genuine freedom is  much deeper than a permission to have more, accumulate more, or become more.

  • Freedom is the ability to live in such a way that there is no sense of imprisonment.
  • Freedom is to be free in our lives to live authentically, embodying creativity, wisdom and compassion in all dimensions of our lives.
  • Freedom implies a genuine understanding of the source of happiness, the end of despair and conflict.

Freedom & Simplicity

Freedom and simplicity are close companions. They implicity teach us the ways to release the layers of complexity and confusion that blind us — in their falling away we discover the innate vastness of freedom within us.

Buddhist Path to Simplicity
The Buddhist Path to Simplicity

Christina Feldman

One thought on “How Can We Live Freely?

  1. Freedom is itself a relationship between what happened in the past and how we project what will happen in the future. “Freedom” is held between two different time zones, and is not itself free.

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