The Movement Of Life

Constant Flow

There is only the movement of life constantly flowing through each of us – as each of us. If we can understand that we’re not as solid as we think, then we’ll realize we are never stuck.

What We Experience

No matter what we experience, internally or externally, that experience has to change. When this realization runs deep into our bones, we no longer cling to happiness, comfort, youth, and health, because we know those things will change. At the same time, we won’t be as afraid of discomfort, sickness, and things we dislike, because they too will ultimately change.

Peace, Joy & Gratitude

Understanding life from this deep level allows us the possibility for true peace, joy, and gratitude, as we are no longer fighting life or trying to manipulate it to our liking. Instead, we are welcoming life as it comes, just as it is.

Your Life is Meditation
Mark Van Buren

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