How Do We Adopt Belief Structures?

Belief Structures

Acquired Assumptions

Our lives are lived inside a score of assumptions acquired through conditioned, adopted belief structures. We tend to automatically project these assumptions onto the world and people around us. Whether we tend to easily change our minds about what we believe to be so, or stubbornly hold onto what we think, the solidity of our current experience generally seems unquestionable.

Reality only manifests for us in concert with our assumptions and attendant feelings.

Believing Assumptions Are Knowable

Irrespective of the specific beliefs to which we subscribe, the core, underlying belief driving our assumptions is that they are “knowable” – that is, we tend automatically presuppose that we recognize and know what is true and real. This is particularly true when we like what’s happening. When we’re satisfied and fulfilled, we’re not concerned with what we are thinking, or the veracity of our thoughts. Rather than analyzing what is happening, we just enjoy our experience.

But as soon as we’re unhappy or stressed, our thoughts can preoccupy us, magnifying in our minds. At such times, we typically take our thoughts very seriously. We listen to and struggle with what we think, uncertain about what is or isn’t true, yet attaching ourselves to certain belief, assuming they reflect the truth.

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