Listening To Our Inner Voice

Listening To Our Inner Voice

Space to Listen

Our mental chatter is often so prominent that we don’t have the space to truly listen. We’re always receiving direction about how to move in our lives, but we’re too distracted to hear it. We cloud our thinking with drama and emotional upheaval then wonder why our lives are so out of whack.

Deep Listening

Yet all of us have the capacity to listen if we’re willing to make the space for it. When we listen, the voice may appear as thoughts with words, a whisper, an image, or a knowing “Yes” to something we may not even realize we wanted or needed.

Following Through

Listening is the first step, and being willing to act on what we hear is the second. So, listen to the deepest part of your being – the part that just knows. Then have the courage to let your life unfold according to its rightful plan.

At the Core of Every Heart
At the Core of Every Heart

Gail Brenner

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