How Can We Connect With The Sacredness Of Life ?



Sitting on a cushion, I can meditate.
Kneeling in a church, I can pray.
Sharing a cup of coffee with a loved one in the kitchen, I can connect with the sacredness of life.

Breaking Through Formalities

We often think we can pray and meditate only if the conditions are right. Unless we are sitting in a church, sitting in a meditation hall, or taking directions from a guru, spiritual practices may seem pointless. Fortunately, we can break through these formalities and transform our lives into a spiritual conversation when we embrace the adage that prayer is speaking and meditation is listening.

Experiencing Truth

Blessings can come to us when we learn to informally pray and meditate as we communicate with those we love, for then we speak to what is universal in them even as we listen with focused attention to truth speaking through them to us.

Now! The Art of Being Truly Present
Now! The Art of Being Truly Present

Jean Smith

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