What Are The Benefits Of Intentional Living?

Intentional Living

Rewarding Way of Living

An intentional life is a commitment to training and concentrating attention in ways that enrich your life and the lives of others.

Living with attention is a rewarding way of living. It’s only by living with attention that you can experience yourself as authentic and your life as purposeful.

As you live more intentionally, something else occurs – the external world starts providing opportunities that you never imagined. This is because at every stage of development you can only imagine possibilities with your current knowledge base and world view.

Building Blocks of Intentional Living

  • Awareness
    Intentionally bringing consciousness to events. With increased awareness, you are an alert observer of your thoughts and feelings as they are happening.
  • Reflecting
    Requires practice in more directly noticing your experience, which allows it to more meaningfully impact you. Helps you think more creatively, make better choices, and implement effective action.
  • Choosing
    Making choices to bring greater conscious awareness to your decisions so you experience greater possibility to envision concrete steps toward big dreams.
  • Acting
    To wisely develop skills in knowing how and when to act in order to build the kind of world you want to see. And, knowing when to persist and when to move on.
  • Allowing
    The more you allow, by letting go of unnecessary clutter that interrupts your experience, the more possibilities exist. Allowing can initially feel passive, but it is actually very active.

An Intentional Life
An Intentional Life: Five Foundations of Authenticity and Purpose

Lisa Kentgen, PhD


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