What Thoughts Should We Concentrate On?

Thoughts to Live By

Think on These Things

  • What you can control – not what you cannot control.
  • The positive – not on the negative.
  • What you can do not on what you cannot do.
  • What you have – not on what you do not have.
  • The present – not on the past and future.
  • What you need – not on what you want.
  • What you can give not on what you can take.

Finding Strength

You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will  find strength.

…..Marcus Aurelius

7 Thoughts To Live Your Life By
7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By: A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life
I. C. Robledo

One thought on “What Thoughts Should We Concentrate On?

  1. Self inquiry utilizes both positive and negative. Too much of one can be a positive or negative spiral. Narcissistic tendencies, depression teaches us, but in isolation we become hamstrung. Every human has to learn balance—each has his or her own balance.


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