How Can We Change Our Habits?


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


Don’t fight against your old habits by thinking about what you’re missing. When you feel deprived, you’re focusing on the wrong thoughts. You’re making your journey unpleasant and more difficult.

Instead, focus on how the changes will bring you the success you desire – that’s when you’ll build your new life instead of fighting your old one.

Mindset Re-Minder
Mindset Re-Minder

Beth Bianca

One thought on “How Can We Change Our Habits?

  1. Change frightens some people excites others. Change is in an accelerated mode currently. Holding what’s no longer there appears childish and overly sentimental. But each of us responds to change with the basic markers, past/present, without of which how can one measure change? Sometimes one takes another’s word for it, “everything has changed, it’s a whole new game.” Another’s view of change stimulates our reading of events and adds to the confusion of what is change and where do I belong in any of life’s passing. There is so much anxiety for each individual that he feels he doesn’t belong to the processing, understanding, and analyzing of change. We ultimately blame the outside (events) when we need more self-examination of the inside (psyche).

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