How Do Thoughts Create Our Life?

Thoughts Create

As you think, so you are; as you continue to think, so you remain.

…..James Allen

Your thoughts are the beginning of the life you create. When you continue to think the same way, you’ll continue to see the same results. To change your life, you must change how you think.

Mindset Re-Minder
Mindset Re-Minder

Beth Bianca

One thought on “How Do Thoughts Create Our Life?

  1. A basic tenet of Buddhism is your thoughts make who you are. Dismantiling, analyzing, digging deep into the thought realm is uncomfortable, tragically so. How does one acquire the skill associated with observing one’s thoughts? Better to stay calm, look away when thoughts threaten the self- and its foundation. When there’s no escaping anymore the work outshines the terror. The work (meditation) stays the storm.The work becomes what is sought after.

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