How Do Thoughts Affect Our World?


Thoughts, Ideas & Feelings

The world we live in is not something that exists independently of our thoughts and ideas. Our world and our thoughts and ideas appear to us as a unified whole. Depending on what our thoughts and ideas are, our world may appear in completely different ways. These thoughts and feelings constitute our psychological condition. 

Changing Thoughts

When something breaks down inside us physically, our minds no longer remain clear. And, if our minds are not clear, then the eyes with which we see the world and our views of life become dark. Our lives and the whole world take on a gloomy appearance. When we feel healthy our minds brighten, and consequently our outlook on everything becomes brighter.

Opening the Hand of Thought
Opening the Hand of Thought: Foundations of Zen Buddhist Practice

Kosho Uchiyama

One thought on “How Do Thoughts Affect Our World?

  1. I move in and out of moods at frightening speeds. It’s probably why I characterize my moods as feelings so often since feelings are characterized as smaller “units” of emotion, and are intercepted with less “solidity”. Really, moods/ emotions/ feelings are difficult to describe. Which is why people give up on their own story. People who repeat their story to themselves or to others are castigated as people who love drama… when really they’re only rehearsing until someone “gets it”. It can take a lifetime to believe that someone is listen-ing.

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