How Can Change Be An Opportunity For Growth?


Key To A Meaningful Life

The secret of living a meaningful and fulfilling life is to be ready – at every moment – to give up who you are for what you could become.

…..Brian Goodwin

Adapting To Change

In our fast-paced society, it’s not uncommon to reinvent a career time and again. It takes resilience to be able to adapt to whatever’s around the corner.

Learning As We Go

Sometimes obstacles can knock us down. We come to realize that a creative lifestyle implies occasional failure, which comes with the terrain of life’s peaks and valleys. Resilience enables us to get up, honor the resistance, dust ourselves off, and move on, learning as we go.

Pause Breathe Smile
Pause, Breathe, Smile: Awakening Mindfulness When Meditation Is Not Enough

Background on Gary Gach


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