What is Postmodern Philosophy?

In contemporary philosophy, ‘postmodern’ ideas are those which, from the mid-nineteenth century set about dismantling the humanist creed of modernity.

In the same way that the Enlightenment broke with the grand cosmologies of Antiquity and brought about a new critique of religion, so too postmodernity set about demolishing the two strongest convictions of the Moderns from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries: the belief that the human is at the center of the modern world – which came to form the basis of all moral and political values; and, the belief that reason is an irresistible force for emancipation.

A Brief History of Thought
A Brief History of Thought: A Philosophical Guide to Living
Luc Ferry



Luc Ferry
Luc Ferry
born 1951

. Wikipedia

Luc Ferry is a French philosopher at the University of Paris, a prolific author, and a notable proponent of secular humanism. From 2002 and until 2004 Ferry served in the French government as the Minister of Education. He lives in Paris.

Ferry has been awarded the Prix Medicis, Prix Jean-Jaques-Rosseau, and Aujourd’hui.

Books Luc Ferry has written include:


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