What is the State of Highest Spiritual Concentration?

The state of the highest spiritual concentration, in which every external object has disappeared, is at the same time the state in which one knows the deepest reality.

It is then that “all is so completely present to life that nothing any longer differs from it; such a life is a whole life, the pure and perfect life… It is then that it is sufficient in itself and that it no longer seeks anything.” (Plotinus Enneads V. 3. 16)

The Philosophy of Plotinus
The Philosophy of Plotinus
Émile Bréhier

Background on Plotinus


Émile Bréhier
Émile Bréhier

Émile Bréhier was a French philosopher. His interest was in classical philosophy, and the history of philosophy. He wrote a History of Philosophy, translated into English in seven volumes.

Bréhier studied at the University of Paris. In 1908 he received his doctorate at the Sorbonne with a dissertation about Philo of Alexandria. He was Henri Bergson‘s successor at the University of Paris in 1945


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