How Do World Faith Traditions Experience Ultimate Reality?

The Buddhist nirvana and the Hindu moksha are not the same, nor are they the same as the Christian vision of God. So the Buddhist, the Hindu, the Muslim and the Christian are all experiencing the Ultimate Reality but experiencing it in different ways through their own love and through their own traditions of faith and knowledge.

River of Compassion
River of Compassion: A Christian Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita

Bede Griffiths


Bede Griffiths
Bede Griffiths


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Bede Griffiths, also known by the end of his life as Swami Dayananda (“bliss of compassion”), was an Oxford-educated, British-born Benedictine monk and priest. He went to India in 1955.

After a short-lived monastic experiment in Bangalore and helping to found another Christian monastic community in Kerela named Kurisulama, Griffiths went on to assume responsibility for Shantivanim (also called Saccidananda Ashram) from Swami Abhishiktananda (Henri le Saux, a French Benedictine monk). Bede Griffiths turned Shantivanim into an important place of pilgrimage for people all over the world.

Bede Griffiths became a prominent figure in inter-religious dialogue, particularly the development of dialogue between Christianity and Hinduism. He was a part of the Christian Ashram Movement.

How exploring other religions can enhance the faith you practice – Bede Griffiths

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