Humanity’s Universal Call To Contemplation

Humanity has a universal call to contemplation — to discover something more within, often through inner practices from Eastern traditions. In many cases, Western traditions have lost track of their historical, contemplative component. That is why zendos, ashrams, and yoga centers are oftentimes full. Yet, slowly, the contemplative aspect of Western traditions is coming to light, and being practiced more.

Prayer of the Heart
Prayer in the Cave of the Heart: The Universal Call to Contemplation

Cyprian Consiglio



Cyprian Consiglio
Cyprian Consiglio
born 1958

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. Cyprian Consiglio site

Cyprian Consiglio, O.S.B. Cam., is an American monk, musician, and spiritual teacher. Consiglio is an internationally known performer, recording artist, and composer. He has numerous collections of original sacred, world, and liturgical music to his credit. He has written books and authored articles for several periodicals.

Consiglio is a student of the world’s spiritual traditions. He has offered retreats and conferences around the world.

Books written by Cyprian Consiglio include:

Cyprian Consiglio YouTube Channel (available upon subscription):

“Lead me from Death into Life”  by Cyprian Consiglio

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