Why Biocentrism Makes Sense

Biocentrism is perhaps most valuable in helping us decide what not to waste time with — areas where biocentrism suggests our efforts at attempting to better understand the universe as a whole may be futile. “Theories of Everything” that do not account for life or consciousness will certainly lead ultimately to dead-ends, and this includes string theory. Models that are strictly time-based, such as further work on understanding the Big Bang as the putative natal event of the cosmos, will never deliver full satisfaction or closure. Conversely, biocentrism is in no way anti-science; science dedicated to processes or technological leaps create untold benefits within circumscribed fields of endeavor. But those that attempt to provide deep or ultimate answers — to a population that remains hungry for them — must ultimately turn to some form of biocentrism if they are to succeed.

Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe

Robert Lanza, MD
with Bob Berman


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