It’s Time to Shift Our Understanding of the Divine Presence

It is time to take seriously what Christianity has always proclaimed: that this Mysterious Presence we call “God” is everywhere and it is beyond all our human concepts. It is time to make a significant shift in our understanding of “God.” It is time to shift from notions of a deity to an understanding and appreciation of the Divine Presence always here, always and everywhere active in an expanding universe and in the evolution of life on this planet.

It's Time
It’s Time: Challenges to the Doctrine of the Faith

Michael Morwood

Michael Morwood
Michael Morwood

Michael Morwood has over 40 years’ experience in retreat, education, parish and adult faith development ministries, and is well known in Progressive Christian movements in Australia and the USA.

Morwood advocates that Christianity, along with other major religions, has to make sense of its major beliefs in light of contemporary knowledge about the universe and our place in it. A major overhaul is needed in how we understand “God”, how we interpret Jesus as revealing the Divine Presence in human form, and what this means for worship and prayer. This contemporary “story” is radically different from the traditional Christian story about an elsewhere, heavenly God who is disconnected from humanity.

“Jesus Through a 21st Century Lens” by Michael Morwood
Part 1 of 3


Part 2 of 3


Part 3 of 3

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