Modern Man is Transcultural

Modern Man, owing perhaps to the changes that have taken place in human geography and history, can no longer belong to a homogenous or isolated culture. He is bombarded by ideas, images, and sounds from all four corners of the world. He may have a superficial and even erroneous knowledge of other people, yet cultures mix, ideas intermingle, religions encounter one another, and languages interact and borrow from one another as perhaps never before in human history. The culture of modern Man may not be very stable; in fact he may even be threatened with the loss of all culture, but he is undoubtedly transculturally influenced — and this is true not only for minority groups but for the passive and suffering majority as well.

The Vedic Experience
The Vedic Experience
Raimon Panikkar



The Vedic Experience collects the most crucial texts of the Indian Sacred Scriptures and shows how they manifest the universal rhythms of nature, history and man. Excerpts are taken from the Rig-veda, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, and Upanishads, which represent the mystical and philosophical culmination of the Vedas. This anthology offers the primary sources and an invitation to personal reflection.

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