Modern Man is Secular

Modern Man is a secular Man, which does not mean that he is not religious or that he has lost his sense of the sacred. The statement means only that his religiousness and even any sense of sacredness he may possess are both tinged with a secular attitude. “Secular attitude” means a particular temporal awareness that invests time with a positive and real character: the temporal world is seen as important and the temporal play of Man’s life and human interactions is taken seriously; the saeculum, the ayas, is in the foreground. Man can survive on earth, both as a species and as a person, only if he pays careful attention to everything secular. Otherwise he will be swallowed up by the machinery of modern society or the mechanism of cosmic processes. Secular Man is the citizen of the temporal world.

The Vedic Experience
The Vedic Experience: Mantramanjari
Raimon Panikkar



Raimon Panikkar says in the Introduction:

This anthology aims at presenting the Vedas as a human experience that is still valid and capable of enriching and challenging modern Man, as he seeks to fulfill his responsibility in an age in which, for better or worse, he is inseparably linked with his fellows and can no longer afford to live in isolation.

An abridged version of The Vedic Experience: Mantramanjari, called simply The Vedic Experience, and written by Ramion Panikkar, is available for free download.

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